Who is the Central Ontario Specialized Health Network?

We are a Network of Agencies, Clients, Families and Care Partners with expert knowledge, unique skills and experience in caring for people with highly complex needs with a lens of trauma, mental health and addictions, senior’s health and palliative care services.

A medical professional in scrubs, with a clipboard in her arm, wearing a surgical mask

What is an Ontario Health Team?

Ontario Health Teams are a new way of organizing and delivering care in Ontario. Under OHTs, health care agencies come together to form one team that works to better connect and integrate care for people and their families.  More integrated care means better health outcomes, seamless transitions and easier access to the care you need, when you need it. 

OHTs were introduced by the government of Ontario as part of the health care system reform under the new Connecting Care Act. The Act also created Ontario Health, a new provincial agency that will provide broad oversight to the health-care system.

Our Partners

We are committed to collaborating among our partner agencies to better integrate services and to work with local Ontario Health Team’s (OHT’s) to build capacity for a full continuum of services and ensure access to specialized services.

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Core Values

Our Mission

To deliver a full continuum of care by partnering with local Ontario Health Teams in Central Ontario to build capacity and coordinate access to specialized services.

Our Vision

An innovative system of seamless coordinated care where excellent specialized services are available to all

Our Values

Collaboration, Access, Excellence, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion, Trust, Partnerships, Client-Centered, System Planning & Leadership